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Coming soon!

We are excited to open a Japanese library very soon.

日本語図書館 近日公開

About the Library

Yoko Breckenridge formed a private Japanese Library in Minneapolis many years ago.

She dedicated her life to the Japanese community and her Library which was loved by many people. 

When the library was closed unexpectedly, thousands of books were left without a home.

We respect and appreciate her contributions to the community and in her honor, Cha-Ami established a small library. ​


With the support of many volunteers, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our library.

Our library is a treasure trove of over 2,000 books, offering a rich collection of Japanese literature, educational materials, and cultural resources such as Japanese cooking, arts, crafts, and language, along with a collection of Japanese children's books, novels, and more.


The library is a place where both children and adults can borrow books for free, fostering a love for reading and continuous learning.​ We hope this will be an excellent resource for the Japanese community and for anyone interested in Japanese culture!

サウスミネアポリスにあった日本語図書館はブリッケンリッジ ヨウコさんによって設立され多くの人に愛されいつもたくさんのひとが集っていました。


私たちは彼女のコミュニティへの貢献を尊重、感謝し、彼女に敬意を表して小さな図書館を設立しました。 ​ 多くのボランティアのご協力により、このたび図書館を開館いたします。




coming soon



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