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The Full Story

We were the fortunate recipients of a beautiful mother. Her name was Hiroko (Nancy) Roberts and she was the kindest, strongest person we have ever known.

We are her children: (Charmaine, Dianne, Susan, Karen and Martin (currently not pictured). Together, we formed an awesome care team for our gentle, little "mamma" after she developed dementia.

Hiroko's Heart was intended as a gift for her 87th birthday, June 20, 2019. Mom used to say she "never accomplished anything in her life" because she was a traditional stay at home wife/mother. We wanted to honor her by creating a charity in her name. Sadly, she passed away on May 11th, the day before Mother's Day.

Everyone who knew her loved her. Dementia robbed her of many things, but it could not steal her spirit! She was always smiling, always giving, always putting everyone's needs before her own. Her departure has left an incredibly deep void in each of our hearts and lives.

We want to share our mother's legacy by helping elderly Japanese like her. Surely everyone can agree our world needs more kindness, more compassion, more generosity and much, much more joy. Thank you so much for your support!

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Anyone can volunteer! For example, we need other elderly Japanese to accompany us on visits and deliveries to serve as translators and engage our friends in conversation. We need drivers to help deliver the Bento meals on a monthly basis. We need people to provide Japanese related activities such as musical entertainment, dance demonstration, origami or other crafts...

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