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By participating in these diverse projects, individuals of all ages can immerse themselves in Japanese culture, preserving heritage and fostering a deeper understanding of this rich cultural legacy.


Art & Culture






Martial Arts

Target Populations

  • Youth Programs:

    • Japanese Language Classes: Offer structured language learning for children and teens.

    • Children’s Programs: Tailored programs for different age groups (3-6 years, 7-12 years, 13-18 years) that include cultural activities and language education.

  • Adult Programs:

    • Japanese Language Classes: Provide adults with opportunities to learn Japanese at beginner to advanced levels.

    • Cultural Programs: Engage adults in traditional and modern Japanese cultural activities.

  • Senior Programs:

    • Gathering: Organize social gatherings for seniors to connect and share experiences.

    • Traditional Art Appreciation: Offer programs that allow seniors to appreciate and engage with traditional Japanese arts.

Our Programs

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